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(Last Updated On: June 24, 2016)

History is all around us, it lives on through text, film and sometimes within the very walls it once took place. Human nature sometimes coaxes us to investigate the chills and thrills curiosity brings regarding the supernatural. 
So with Halloween fast approaching, why not venture to the countryside and delve into the dripping haunted history that awaits in, what is boasted to be, the 3rd most Haunted House in England.


Littlecote House, Berkshire is now the site of a wonderous ‘Warner Leisure Hotel’, although this veneer may gleam to some, it cannot  mask the terror tales that dwell within the narrow hallways, on the antique floors and behind the creaky heavy doors separating you from the Old House to your bedroom.
Visit history between archery and fencing, massage and dinner, drinking and dancing the night away. When the safety of the sunlight is banished by shadows, take a trip to a Haunted Bedroom and pace the same steps of ‘Wild’ William Darrall and Mother Barnes before the Cremation of a live baby being tossed into the roaring fireplace.
Feel the tragic romance of King Henry VIII when he fell in love with wife number 3, Jane Seymour in the Chapel adjacent to the final resting place of a murdered child, banished to the flames.
Maybe you’re not convinced, perhaps you’re a dog lover, well they have one. Feel free to pet it, but don’t be alarmed when your hand passes straight through. Walk the D-Day hidden passages, soak up history of the Civil War and become haunted by the romance, terror and historical tales that envelop this majestic house.
A House is for life not just Halloween, but this year, why not take the trick with the treat.



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Written by: The Team | On: October 7, 2015

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