terraceBenefits of selling your house through us

Wondering about the best way to sell a home? Essentially, there are four main ways:

  • Selling with an estate agent
  • Selling privately
  • Using a property auction to sell your home
  • Going for a quick sale with a specialist cash home purchaser

While private sales take time and effort, auctions rarely give you the best chance of selling for a good price. Meanwhile research from consumer group Which? found high levels of dissatisfaction (up to 50%) with the standard of service received.

Particularly if your chain has collapsed and you need to sell, or bereavement or divorce means you want to sell up and move on as quickly as you can or you’re emigrating, a specialist cash home buyer may well be the answer.

If you need to sell your house fast to unlock the cash tied up in it, there are many good reasons for choosing us, above others who may be making you offers or trying to tell you how to sell your house.

We can arrange a quick house sale so the property is off your hands, however the current market conditions and whatever the location and condition of the property.

At Fastest House Buyer, we’ll always make every effort to provide the best level of service we can. Our customers really appreciate our reliable, efficient, friendly and thoroughly professional approach.

Here are some other benefits from using us for selling your house:

  • You can talk to us even if you just want a few tips or some advice about how to sell your house
  • Because we’re a quick house sale specialist, we understand all the issues that can arise when you sell your house fast, and how to resolve them
  • We’re regulated by the Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers
  • No endless viewings, no estate agent fees, and no unsightly “For Sale” or “Sold” boards, giving you greater privacy
  • We cover legal costs, and don’t charge anything for our own services
  • Our customers never have to sign any contracts
  • We’ll give you a 100% cash offer within 24 hours
  • No chains or legal hold-ups
  • No upfront costs or tie-in periods
  • Sell your home within a timescale that suits your own circumstances
  • Unlike estate agents, we won’t ask you to carry out any repairs before selling

Our sale periods are typically between one and four weeks, as opposed to estate agents’ timescales of up to nine months. Sales with us are completely guaranteed, whereas national figures show that a third of sales made through estate agents fall through.

Equally, the agreed purchase price is what we pay after the survey – we don’t use the buyer’s report to knock another £5,000 or £10,000 off the price.

Taking a property that’s on the market for £100,000 as an example, once estate agents’ and legal fees, repair costs, mortgage payments and other bills during the sale period have been accounted for, an estate agent might get you a net price of just over £80,000, but would take six months to do it.

In just seven days, we could give you almost £75,000 in your pocket. Talk to us today about selling your home fast.

How do we compare to other Estate Agents? *

Selling to us (7 days)Selling via Estate Agent (6 months)
Asking price£100,000£100,000
Average agreed purchase price£75,000£95,000 (Most buyers offer £5,000 - £10,000 below the asking price)
Final agreed price after survey£75,000£90,000 (Most buyers use repairs noted in the surveyors report as an excuse to drop the price by another £5,000 - £10,000)
Estate Agent fees£0,00£2160 + VAT
Cosmetic repairs needed£0,00£750
Solicitor fees£0,00£1,000
Council tax and other bills (while sales is going through)£150£1,800
Mortgage payments(while sale is going through)£0,00£3,600
Net price achieved£74,850£80,690 (in 6 months)

How you benefit from Fastest House Buyer *

Fastest House BuyerEstate Agents
Sale period7-28 days6-9 months
GuaranteedYesNo. On average, 1 in 3 sales fall through (national statistics)
Repairs needed for house to sellNonePossible (Agents usually ask for repairs)
PrivacyViewingsFor sale sign outside and continuous viewings

* These figures are for guidance only, individual sums can vary

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