Homeowners use Pokémon Go to lure buyers

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2016)

Savvy business and home owners are taking advantage as the Pokémon Go craze continues to take over the world.

It seems laughable, yet home owners and landlords are using the games popularity to attract potential clients. Sellers are listing Pokémon Go Gyms and PokéStops as well as sightings of rare Pokémons in the hopes that it helps sweeten the deal with potential buyers.


Pokémon Go is an app that combines the game world with reality, using the phone’s GPS, the app creates a map of hidden Pokémon that the user has to find and capture. It is a game played by people of all ages, so there is a chance that someone entering a listed home to catch a rare Pokémon could walk out a new homeowner. And for sellers, getting people through the door is half the battle.

We found an apartment listed on CraigsList stating that it is a “Pokémon Go Paradise” with 13 confirmed Pokémon sightings, a Gym and PokéStop. Several apartments on Airbnb have updated their property listings with sightings of Pokémons on the properties to attract more renters. One real estate agent advertised that a Pikachu Pokémon would be present in his home during an open house.

However, not everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Some sellers are taking the opposite approach, stating that there are ZERO Pokémon Go features to lure prospective homeowners who don’t play the game.

Some estate agents are recommending that homeowners should not advertise Pokémon Go in their listings as ultimately it comes off as childish and will not attract the right people.

The app may bring more people to an open house, and that can give the image of increased competition for a particular listing, however, whether this drives the sale price is a potential phenomenon that we have to wait and see.

Written by: The Team | On: July 22, 2016

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