How can I find out when my house was built?

Terrace Houses


There are many ways to find the age of your property. One easy way is to look at the architecture of the house. Look for indicators such as windows, doors and skirting boards. On your property deeds you should be able to see when your house was constructed and even further information indicating what type of property it was before. If you are lacking the original deeds or don’t have access there are other options, you can get access to lost deeds here.

One option might be looking on which can give you a rough indicator or when your house might have been constructed, it is an archive of old maps and you may be able to see when your house first appears on this.


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Finally for the small sum of £3 you can use the Land Registry website to get the age of your house or at least your house deeds which should have the correct information.

If you’re still stuck you can always ask a local estate agent or a surveyor who should be able to find clues on your house as to its age etc.

Whatever the age of your property remember we will buy any house in any condition, so why not find out how much you could get for your property with us.


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