Stop House Repossession

In today’s world, the risk of house repossession is a real threat to many households and families. So, if you’re currently facing this, don’t worry as you’re certainly not alone. Also, the chances are that there is still something you can do to prevent this from happening.

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The situation we face

According to the homeless charity Shelter, at present there are 215,000 homes are at risk of eviction or being repossessed in England alone. That’s the equivalent of 4,000 homes every week.

So, what is causing this? High housing costs and a shortage of affordable homes are blamed as the main causes and it is thought that rising interest rates could bring even more homes under threat.

Geographically, there are areas of the UK that seem to be more negatively affected than others. Research shows that hotspots where people are most likely to face losing their home include Salford and many London boroughs, Nottingham and Peterborough. These are not merely statistics on paper, but almost unbelievable numbers of families who go through the stress and emotional roller coaster of learning that their home may be taken from them, every single week.

Shelter’s free advice helpline takes more than 480 calls every day, from families fighting to stay in their homes looking for advice and help.

While most newspapers report that the economy is recovering, families across the UK are still facing every day struggles to keep their heads above water. Usually, it only takes one event like a job loss or illness to push us over the edge and puts our home at risk.



How can I prevent my house from being repossessed

While seeking and getting advice as early as possible is the best way to stop the escalation of mortgage arrears, it’s never too late to save your house from repossession and losing everything. If your mortgage lender has written to you informing you that your mortgage is in arrears, or even if they have applied to a court requesting a repossession order, don’t worry – you can still avoid repossession.



Selling your house using traditional methods

traditional-salesOne way to avoid repossession of your home is to sell it. However, selling your house using traditional methods and estate agencies can take quite a while. Finding and appointing an agency, paperwork, advertising, viewings – time can really drag on. Add to this the fact that UK house sales are stalling as the property market has become a buyer’s market. Amongst those reasons blamed for this are the stricter lending rules that recently came into effect, uncertainty ahead of likely interest rate rises and over inflated prices.

Generally, across England and Wales there is huge difference between how long property takes to sell from one town or city to another. However, on average it can take over six weeks to sell a residential property. In London, the average time it takes to sell a property has almost doubled since earlier this year.

The UK’s slowest housing markets include the north east of England where sellers can expect to ten weeks to sell a property.

So, quite simply, selling via traditional methods will probably take too long for people who have the threat of house repossession looming over them.

The alternative – using a fast house purchase company

Unlike traditional estate agencies, fast house purchase companies can help stop the repossession of your home by purchasing it from you within days. Companies like us – Fastest House Buyer – are a regulated and trusted fast purchase company and we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional and very welcome service to all of our clients. We often have clients who approach us because they have been told by their provider that they are in arrears or at risk of having their home repossessed. Our team is on hand to help them find out if selling could be the answer to help them from this very difficult and stressful situation.

We don’t ask our clients to pay any fees throughout the whole process – a very welcome benefit to people enduring a very difficult time when cash is clearly tight. We also guarantee that 100% of the sale cash is transferred to our clients within a matter of days, not months – a service that is hugely appreciated by people who are already under enormous pressure. What’s more, we are completely flexible, so you get to choose your moving date.

How does it work?

We will provide people who contact us with an offer on their house within 24 hours.

The value offered is worked out using automated systems and takes into account comparisons with other properties that are currently on the market or that have recently been sold in the same area.

The next step that we take is to instruct an RICS surveyor to visit your property as soon as possible, normally within two days. The RICS valuation is completely free.

After the RICS valuation and the offer is formalised, that’s when the solicitors get involved. They take care of all the legal work that is often referred to as conveyancing. Once this part is complete, we can complete the purchase of the property and you – the seller – receives the cash.

Sellers receive the cash for their property very quickly, normally within fourteen days!

We don’t charge any fees throughout the entire process, in fact we also pay for any solicitors work which is normally costs in the region of £600 + VAT.

Apart from signing contracts and answering specific solicitors’ queries, we will deal with as much of the paperwork as we possibly can.

We can assure you that the entire process is 100% confidential, which means that we won’t put up any ‘for sale’ sing on your property, we won’t advertise your house locally and details of the sale won’t be put on websites such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

Our solicitors and consultants are on hand to help, offer support and answer any questions their clients may have.

So, it doesn’t matter what type of property you own. If you are worried about the risk of repossession on your home contact us today. We purchase houses, bungalows and flats across the UK, and have helped hundreds of families facing home repossession – one of the most stressful situations they will ever face.

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