The UK’s property winners and losers

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2016)

Home services marketplace has released a report with a look at how the UK’s housing prices have behaved in the last year. And with experts predicting a flat lining of housing market prices, canny house hunters are looking to invest their money in the UK’s property hotspots.

Aylesbury is at the top of the list, with property prices increasing by 21.5%. With London’s commuter belt getting bigger all the time, prices in the Buckinghamshire town have rocketed by 21.5% over the last year.

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Second on the list is Greenwich, one of several London boroughs in the top ten, with a rise of 19.9% in the last year. Third is Ipswich, where prices are up 19.6%: “Which might come as a surprise to some,” says Plentific.

It’s noticeable, though, that the list is dominated by the south east, with nearly half of the listed areas being in London.

“‘Our report shows the winners and losers in property this year,” says Plentific spokesperson Stephen Jury.

“More importantly, it gives valuable insight to those wanting to get onto the property ladder or invest in property in areas with good potential for price increases.”


Check out the UK’s property winners and losers:

The top ten hotspots:
Aylesbury: average price £381,787 – up 21.50%
Greenwich: average price £611,169 – up 19.91%
Ipswich: average price £265,267 – up 19.59%
Brentwood: average price £534,094 – up 19.43%
Chelsea: average price £2,166,805 – up 18.00%
Hammersmith: average price £1,027,929 – up 17.46
Sutton: average price £465,750 – up 17.39%
St Albans: average price £599,772 – up 17.28%
Reading: average price £445,375 – up 16.90%
Wirral: average price £229,950 – up 16.58%

The bottom ten performers:
Highland: average price £174,898 – up 5.02%
Stoke-on-Trent: average price £143,924 – up 5.02%
Newquay: average price £262,010 – up 3.80%
Rotherham: average price £146,975 – up 3.48%
Hackney: average price £599,139 – up 3.22%
Salford: average price £155,462 – up 3.08%
Bradford: average price £128,655 – up 2.99%
St Ives: average price £334,376 – up 0.21%
Middlesbrough: average price £143,448 – down 1.62%
Westminster: average price £1,201,932 – down 3.67%


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Written by: The Team | On: November 30, 2016

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